The Goalie Mindset Power program comes with 30 daily audio segments, a 130-page workbook, homework segments, online references, and a personal connection with the most renowned expert in goaltender preparation, Pete Fry. Each audio segment approaches a different aspect of mental preparation.


Pete Fry is an Author, Speaker and Professional Goalie Mindset Consultant. Taking goalies to the next level by working with their Mindset.  Utilizing Proprietary Mental Training Techniques developed from over 30 years of research and goaltender development.  Helping goalies "Change The Game". GUARANTEED RESULTS!

NHL hockey players say their success as a hockey player is 80 - 90% Mental. This audio book by Pete Fry and Vic Lindal covers 7 Mental skills that as a hockey player you need to master. Listen to real stories on these mental hockey skills from NHL Stars such as Jordan Eberle and Jamie Benn.

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